Janice Bowe's Photos

Janice Bowe Last Remains
As many of you know my mother being a born-again Christian like myself did not want to funeral, nor did she want to be buried. Basically, we as believers feel our bodies are nothing more than a shell or a temporary vehicle for our souls, therefore she wished to be cremated. As for her last remains, in the spring her ashes will be placed in the ground with our living Christmas tree from this year. When my father George died in 2003 we purchased a living Christmas tree that year in his honor and then place his ashes in the ground with that tree so that his ashes could become part of the tree so to speak. A few years later we had the unfortunate task to do the same thing when we lost our beloved Scottie Piper, this time we planted Piper's the tree next to George tree who was already growing very tall in our yard! This spring my mother's ashes will be added to this year's live Christmas tree directly next to Piper's and my father George's tree, both of which are huge now! This way all of their remains can be somewhat together and every time we look out into the front yard we can be reminded of them and be happy in the knowledge that they are now clothed in eternal garments of Christ! The Nativity you see in the photos under the tree was built by my mother and father. My father put together the background, the figurines I believe were purchased but painted by my mother and of course the background was painted by my mother as well. When I was looking for decorations to do the tree I happened upon this in pieces, as I haven't seen it in many years. I took the time and rebuilt it and set it up thinking it was only fitting that it be on display!

Update: The Janice Bowe Tree is Planted
So, with all of the random cold weather behind us it was finally time on May 16th, 2021 to take the living Christmas tree I purchased that year in my mother Janice's memory and plant it along with my mother's ashes. As previously stated this tradition started in 2003 when my father George Bowe went home to be with the Lord at which time my mother and I purchased a living tree for that year's Christmas and planting it in the yard with a good portion of his ashes. His tree was later on joined with a second living Christmas tree that would incorporate my mother's most loved prized Scottish Terrier Piper's ashes. Well I am pleased to report that after a long night's work starting around 1:00 AM and continuing well until the morning, digging a hole only with a hand-held gardening shove that the Janice Bowe Christmas tree and her ashes were finally in the ground as close to possible to the Piper and the George trees as I could make it. See when planning trees of this nature and frequency it is important to take into consideration the future root growth for each tree. Because of this the tree would end up no less than ten feet away from the others. Now look, I know she is not there, I know she is not a tree and I know her ashes are just that, ashes. I also know that the body is nothing more than a vehicle four our souls, but I have to share with you how incredibly nice it is to look outside every day and have a reminder of my mother's life and to be happy in the knowledge that she is now home with my father and also with The Father clothed in eternal garments of Christ! So, for your viewing pleasure from start to finish here are the photos of the task and outcome. Further I am happy to announce the tree has taken to the planting extremely well, it appears to be very healthy, already budding all over the place and spouting up fast!

Janice Bowe's First Scottie Angus McTavish McTish

Janice Bowe's Second Scottie Piper Jane

Janice Bowe's First Scoland Terrier (Scottie Westie Hybird) Max MacRoux

Janice Bowe's Third Scottie Annabelle AKA Anna Banana Boat Bowe

Janice Bowe's First Westie River AKA RiverBoat Gambler

Janice Bowe's Second Scoland Terrier (Scottie Westie Hybird) Rory AKA Rory Borealis Bowe

Janice Bowe Random Woofs Frolicking